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Gain new clients

Improve brand awareness and attract qualified traffic to your site to connect with new customers at the right time. Generate more profit with customized search programs tailor-made for your business.

Grow existing ones

Integrate your marketing programs to get the most from your database of happy clients. Analyze performance data to understand them; connect to maximize repeat sales and referrals.

Latest News

What Was Old Is New Again! - Annoucing the World Class Antiques Blog

What Was Old Is New Again!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the World Class Antiques blog. Get inspired with news, trends, and interesting happenings from the fascinating world of antiques and collectibles. What Was Old Is New Again!.

World Class Antiques Expands Globally; Now Offers Online Marketplace and Appraisals

World Class Antiques Expands Globally; Now Offers Online Marketplace and Appraisals

“Your Antiques Worldwide” is an apt new tagline for the entirely revamped World Class Antiques website, which has not only been redesigned, but rolled out to dealers globally.

Launched in 2013 as a directory of Canadian dealers and events, World Class Antiques grew into a true online community with interactive forums, nationwide event listings, and a road trip planner for antique hunters.

Now, the entire site offering has been overhauled, expanded, and improved, offering even more benefits and functionality to antique collectors and dealers alike with a more visual and streamlined look and feel.... Read more at World Class Antiques.

Engage Your Customers with Contests

Engage Your Customers with Contests and Sweepstakes

Marketers tend to think of contests and sweepstakes only in the mindset of acquiring new leads, and emails for the database. But contests are also a fantastic way to engage your existing customers, whom you’ve spent much time and cost acquiring!

While contests are certainly not new to the marketer’s toolkit, they have taken on new life with the growth of the social web. Campaigns create high levels of awareness as they tend to be shared virally.

Gone are the days when you needed to build contests from scratch. There are.... Read more in our latest blog post.

Single Entry Point Reaches Toenail Fungus Sufferers

Single Entry Point Reaches Toenail Fungus Sufferers

Clear Nail Laser Centres wants everyone to know they can treat toenail fungus with laser. Single Entry Point is getting the message out, managing a strategic combination of social media, SEO and PPC campaigns. Digital results are being monitored and optimized by Single Entry Point with web analytics, while Orange Bazooka got cheeky as the creative agency for the multi-channel campaign.

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