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Canada’s First Trip Planner for Antiques Gives Collectors Power to Discover Hidden Treasures in their Neighbourhood

Canada's First Trip Planner for Antiques

Simple online tool lets antique collectors plan a smarter Sunday drive, and save gas and time along the way., the largest directory of antiques dealers in Canada, today announced the launch of Canada’s first trip planner, exclusively built for antique collectors. Powered by leading integrated marketing and technology solutions company Single Entry Point, the web-based trip planner is available for free at

"Taking a drive to find really great antiques is what makes the experience so special and memorable for so many collectors,” stated Mike Lascut, president of Single Entry Point. “But we think a little planning can go a long way to help antique collectors shop smarter. Our trip planner puts a modern twist on antique collecting."... Read more at Canada's First Trip Planner for Antiques.

Engage Your Customers with Contests

Engage Your Customers with Contests and Sweepstakes

Marketers tend to think of contests and sweepstakes only in the mindset of acquiring new leads, and emails for the database. But contests are also a fantastic way to engage your existing customers, whom you’ve spent much time and cost acquiring!

While contests are certainly not new to the marketer’s toolkit, they have taken on new life with the growth of the social web. Campaigns create high levels of awareness as they tend to be shared virally.

Gone are the days when you needed to build contests from scratch. There are.... Read more in our latest blog post.

Single Entry Point Reaches Toenail Fungus Sufferers

Single Entry Point Reaches Toenail Fungus Sufferers

Clear Nail Laser Centres wants everyone to know they can treat toenail fungus with laser. Single Entry Point is getting the message out, managing a strategic combination of social media, SEO and PPC campaigns. Digital results are being monitored and optimized by Single Entry Point with web analytics, while Orange Bazooka got cheeky as the creative agency for the multi-channel campaign.

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