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World Class Antiques Expands Globally; Now Offers Online Marketplace and Appraisals

"Your Antiques Worldwide" is an apt new tagline for the entirely revamped World Class Antiques website, which has not only been redesigned, but rolled out to dealers globally.

Launched in 2013 as a directory of Canadian dealers and events, World Class Antiques grew into a true online community with interactive forums, nationwide event listings, and a road trip planner for antique hunters.

Now, the entire site offering has been overhauled, expanded, and improved, offering even more benefits and functionality to antique collectors and dealers alike with a more visual and streamlined look and feel.

Here’s a quick guide to all the enhancements:


  • Site navigation now includes a global "START" button designed to get users where they need to go, quickly.
  • Shortcut icons (left side) follow you everywhere, enabling one-click access to the most important features of the site.
  • Fresh new look, including wider screen space, and more visuals.

Global Directory of Dealers

  • Directory of dealers and auction houses, once limited to Canada, is now accepting entries from across the globe.
  • Marketplace offers another way to promote antiques to a global audience of collectors.

Buy & Sell Marketplace

  • Antiques marketplace offers auction-style, fixed price, and classified listings for sellers.
  • Buyers can bid and buy online in a secure environment with an easy payment process.
  • Items are displayed visually, with handy filters to sort and browse.

Online Appraisals

  • Dealers with a premium directory membership can now offer appraisals to interested collectors – commission-free!
  • All communications and files are managed in a private and secure system.

Trip Planner

Bonus Features

  • A magazine section with articles,
  • Gold and silver prices updated every minute,
  • New version of forums that eliminates some past bugs,
  • Every page and section is now enabled for secure communication via the https protocol
  • Updated and expanded help section.
  • All this under a single sign-on user experience (one account to get access to everything)

Dealers, these new features all add up to one thing – your chance to better reach antiques hunters locally and abroad. Register to claim your complimentary listing to promote your shop and collections today.

Collectors, celebrate by entering the Spring 2015 Sweepstakes for your chance to win a vintage Lehmann Wind-up Tin Bird!

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