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Real SEO Strategies for Small Business

You might lack the financial resources of your larger counterparts, but smaller organizations can still build momentum with their online campaigns by capitalizing on the advantages of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Without optimization, websites can become lost in a sea of similar sites within a field where visitor numbers are currency and ROI is measured in audience engagement. Building an SEO strategy need not be overwhelming – here are three places to start.

1)    Optimize Each Page Title
Add meta titles to your pages to begin the optimization process. This lets search engines know that the website is relevant to a specific keyword or keyphrase (three to four words) being searched for.

It’s important at the inception of any SEO campaign to know which keywords are likely to offer the best returns in terms of clicks. (Not sure which keywords to use? Single Entry Point specializes in improving brand awareness and traffic from search engines.)

2)    Begin Link Building
Link building involves driving traffic toward your website through links placed on other sites. The more popular and relevant the website, the higher the value the link has for your site.

Recently, Google has changed the way in which their search algorithm handles specific link-building strategies such as paid links and anchor text, making it slightly more complex for small business owners to generate traffic. Just remember, links shouldn’t seem like they’ve been forced into content online – they should appear natural.

Really, the key is to have strong content that demands attention. Small business owners looking for link-building partnerships could also contact similar organizations to discuss guest-posting opportunities. Other link-building strategies involve submitting sites to online directories, commenting on relevant blog posts, and linking to other blogs within your content.

3)    Add Descriptions for Images and Video
The words associated with images and video are key elements to driving traffic to those media on a website. Studies have shown that adding video is a great way to improve search engine rankings. But search spiders cannot retrieve information from media that doesn’t have text connected to it.

This means that site owners must be as descriptive as possible when adding captions and alt tags to their media content. It’s an SEO strategy that has helped thousands of small business achieve the high rankings that propel them to success online.

SEO is the great online leveler. It allows small businesses to compete with large multinationals. It also gives proactive firms the opportunity to engage their audience in a way that traditional marketing simply cannot match.

Small businesses following a best-practice based approach to SEO can achieve strong marketing campaign momentum and high level visibility online with a sound SEO strategy.

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