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New to Mobile SEO?

Mobile search continues to grow at a greater pace than traditional desktop search. This means that marketers should look at a mobile-first approach to their strategies, if they are to capitalize on this growth with their own region.

Let’s look at three methods you can utilize to begin their mobile search strategy for tablet, cell phone and other mobile search users.

1)    Take an Responsive Design Approach
Studies indicate that the majority of mobile users close a web page within four seconds if it hasn’t already loaded on their screen. Lack of mobile optimization not only affects audience levels, it also now affects search rankings as well.

Google, for example, is now actively lowering the rankings of sites that are not optimized for a seamless mobile usage experience. Responsive design is device-agnostic, and maximizes load time and functionality.

2)    Capitalize on Local Searching
Techniques adopted for traditional web SEO campaigns can still be successful on mobile. Brands must, however, take note of the differences in the way searchers use mobile compared to desktop.

For example, mobile searchers tend to conduct task-oriented searches such as searching for a specific location or product name. By using mobile-oriented copy and keywords, marketers can improve site traffic from mobile.

3)    Utilize Email Marketing
As much as 20% of email marketing campaigns are read from mobile phones. That’s because email is easily accessible on smartphones, and users respond quickly to notifications of new mail in their inbox. You can leverage email marketing to drive traffic through links within digital newsletters and other email campaigns.

To be successful, focus on adding mobile-optimized calls to action at the halfway point, and again at the end of emails in order to have the greatest effect on campaign performance.

With mobile technology rising exponentially around the globe, SEO campaigns must begin to focus on the mobile market. Is your website ready?

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