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Treat Live Chat like a Phone Call

Live chat is a great way to manage customer relations. It can give them a more immediate response than email support, and save them from having to wait on hold over the phone (or work their way through your automated … Continue reading

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Too Many Options, Not Enough Time! Prioritizing Your Marketing Activities

Great article on ClickZ yesterday about the dangers of overcomplicating your digital strategy. Robin Neifield writes that having “so many options in digital strategy and execution often means we falsely confuse the richness of a program or campaign with complexity, … Continue reading

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Save Your Sanity: Book a Meeting to Revisit your Goals

Managing business objectives with conflicting departmental or personal priorities can be a real challenge. Sales wants more upselling in the checkout process, the management team wants to see ROI from Pinterest yesterday, and you’re busy trying to get an email … Continue reading

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Mapping and Documentation: Marketing’s Ugly Children

When it comes to new marketing projects, we see the campaign, the software features, the shiny new website, the email clickthroughs, the light at the end of tunnel. Too often, focused on the end goal, we skip merrily past the … Continue reading

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