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Blogging? Go Easy on Those Tags

Whether you blog for your company or are trying to go pro with your recipes, a crucial component for any blogger is increasing visitors reading the posts.

The way to do this is through a content that capitalizes that on what people are searching for – and ranking well in search engines when they do.

To this end, you are probably doing some wonderful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) activities like tagging, and didn’t even know you were making a key mistake.

It’s a good idea to tag your blog posts for relevancy, so search engines and readers can find your content. But often, bloggers are using way too many tags.

One problem with over-tagging is that each tag gets it’s own URL, and if you’ve only used that tag once or twice, it appears to Google and Bing as though your blog isn’t to go-to site for that topic.

Meaning? It is not in a bloggers’ best interest to have a bunch of tags on topics that are not regularly written about. Rather, you should tag the post about the meat of the matter, something you talk about a lot.

An example of this is a post related to a current event. I don’t often (ever!) blog about Miley Cyrus at the VMAs, so I wouldn't tag her in this post even if I weighed in on the foam hand. I will tag the keywords “SEO” and “blogging” however, since I cover those topics a lot.

So tag your posts for content people will continue to search for, and that you blog about often. Crate a list of 20-25 tags that are relevant to your niche, and use those repeatedly. But not – I stress – all together in every past,

Simply put, blog tags do have SEO value. Tags and categories can help organize content and give users and search crawlers easy access to posts. However, over-tagging can be a negative. If your tags are displayed on your blog, they can be a distraction, even look spammy.

So use tags, but use them wisely. For more, listen to Matt Cutts discuss the issue, then download Google’s SEO starter guide PDF.

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