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About Kristina Smith

Kristina Smith is an Associate Writer with Single Entry Point Marketing. She brings 12 years of experience in online marketing, brand building, and copywriting, specializing in the advertising, publishing, and travel industries. She spends her free time channeling her inner chef in the kitchen. Contact Kristina via email at

Stop Worrying About SEO

You run a small or medium business. Maybe you sell eBooks. Or monthly cheese subscriptions (yum!). Or personal training. You understand your industry, your customers, your pricing. You’re an expert. You also have a website, which you want to use … Continue reading

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Blogging? Go Easy on Those Tags

Whether you blog for your company or are trying to go pro with your recipes, a crucial component for any blogger is increasing visitors reading the posts. The way to do this is through a content that capitalizes that on … Continue reading

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Responsive Design 101

Check your web metrics: how many visitors to your site are on mobile devices? 10%? 20%? 50%? Smartphone and tablet use is exploding; I’ve heard claims that mobile traffic will overtake desktop as soon as next year. Responsive design means … Continue reading

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